Blocksync Ventures Invests In Formation Fi

Blocksync Ventures is delighted to announce that we have added Formation Fi to our investment portfolio. Formation Fi is a protocol that revolutionizes how investors look at yield farming. By automatically allocating capital according to risk tolerance, it gives investors a more balanced and secure portfolio.

DeFi is still one of the fastest growing sectors in the crypto sphere. The total value locked in DeFi is currently 100 times greater than it was a year ago. …

Blocksync Ventures has added Standard Protocol to our investment portfolio. We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with this Collateralized Rebasable Stablecoin protocol for synthetic assets operating across the Polkadot Ecosystem.

The blockchain industry is going through a hugely significant time. Now more than ever, cryptocurrencies are coming into the mainstream consciousness. The altcoin market and DeFi in particular is exploding which means vast amounts of wealth is currently being traded on-chain. With the influx of institutions into the market, now more than ever, stablecoins are necessary to keep wealth on chain in a stable state.

Blocksync Ventures is proud to…

We’re very proud to announce that Blocksync Ventures has invested in Showcase, a platform that allows creators to launch their own NFTs in the form of custom “badges”.

NFTs continue to gain popularity even outside of the crypto world. This month, Tom Brady has launched his own NFT company, Playboy has started releasing classic centerfolds as NFTs, and even WWE hero The Undertaker has dropped his own NFTs ahead of Wrestlemania.

Showcase will join the recently announced Illuvium in our investment portfolio. As two exciting NFT projects, it shows the faith we have that the NFT market is just beginning.

We are pleased to announce that our portfolio just got a little bigger. The latest project to catch our eye and receive our support is Collateral Defi; an innovative decentralized payment gateway built on interoperable blockchain network, Polkadot.

Collateral aims to provide crypto with greater utility, enabling users to collateralize their digital assets at the point of sale to buy goods and services. Merchants, meanwhile, get to open their services out to legions of crypto users worldwide.

Accessed through an interoperable digital wallet, Collateral is presently expanding its network of global retailers while also building out a suite of defi…

We’re thrilled to announce that Blocksync Ventures has invested in Illuvium, a collection and auto battler video game due to launch on layer-2 exchange Immutable X later this year.

NFT hype has been the major talking-point of crypto during the early part of 2021. Whether it’s Kings of Leon releasing their latest album as an NFT, a Banksy artwork being set ablaze then tokenized, or Twitter’s Jack Dorsey auctioning a tweet, non-fungible tokens are finally having their moment in the sun and drawing millions of dollars of liquidity into the market.

Blocksync is proud to stand alongside other top blockchain…

We’re pleased to announce that Blocksync Ventures has invested in Kylin Network, a new market leader in data economy based on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Kylin is utilizing Polkadot’s cross-chain capabilities to create a powerful data economy that will form the backbone of web3. As more parachains and parathreads connect to Polkadot’s relay chain, the ability to query off-chain market data will be essential. This is where Kylin comes in.

Blocksync Ventures recognized the immense potential of Kylin Network early, and participated in their seed +private round many months prior to the highly successful launch. …

We’re pleased to reveal the latest project to have received strategic funding from Blocksync Ventures. Kine Protocol is building a platform for decentralized derivatives trading on Ethereum and we’re proud to add them to our portfolio and support them on their journey.

Blocksync joins forces alongside other top minds and funds in the blockchain space including: Alex Pack, Naval Ravikant, CMS Holdings, Spartan Capital, Blockchain Capital, NGC Ventures, Defi Alliance, 3Commas, Waterdrip Capital and Spark Digital.

Onchain derivatives are a tough nut to crack due to the limitations of executing trades on-chain quickly, reliably, and at scale. …

We are delighted to announce that Blocksync Ventures has made an investment in Konomi, a new decentralized money market protocol built on Polkadot. Because we are committed to investing in people and products with transformative potential, our decision to support Konomi came naturally.

Konomi facilitates money markets for the expanding Polkadot ecosystem, including cross-chain crypto assets. The open platform fulfills user demand in terms of liquidity and advanced primitives (borrowing, lending, asset management), while smoothing the way for investors to support emerging products via DOT staking.

Billed as a full suite asset management solution, Konomi enables users to manage their…

We are thrilled to announce that Blocksync Ventures has made an investment in Polkadex, an emerging peer-to-peer decentralized exchange (DEX). Polkadex is primely positioned to become the preeminent DEX overseeing the Polkadot ecosystem. We’re proud to be a Polkadex backer and look forward to working with their team to ensure the project realizes its full potential.

In our mission to accelerate the development of blockchain interoperability and web3 technologies, we target projects with big ambitions and strong fundamentals. …

Blocksync Ventures is an investment firm focused on early-stage blockchain startups. Formed by a team of experts in traditional finance and emerging technology, we are fiercely passionate about supporting entrepreneurs operating on the industry’s cutting edge.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Web3

We are at a crossroads in internet history. To the one side lies the hub and spoke model that’s served Web 2.0 for years, defined by tech oligarchies, centralized data, minimal privacy, suboptimal security, and rampant censorship.

To the other lies a Web3 model characterized by self-sovereignty, P2P transactions, strong privacy assurances, and certainty of access. …

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