Blocksync Ventures Invests in Showcase

We’re very proud to announce that Blocksync Ventures has invested in Showcase, a platform that allows creators to launch their own NFTs in the form of custom “badges”.

NFTs continue to gain popularity even outside of the crypto world. This month, Tom Brady has launched his own NFT company, Playboy has started releasing classic centerfolds as NFTs, and even WWE hero The Undertaker has dropped his own NFTs ahead of Wrestlemania.

Showcase will join the recently announced Illuvium in our investment portfolio. As two exciting NFT projects, it shows the faith we have that the NFT market is just beginning.

Showcase is just the kind of project we like to support — a disruptive market force with an incredibly gifted team at the helm. A consumer-oriented project, Showcase has already secured meaningful partnerships to power its ecosystem and constructed a user-friendly platform.

Why we’re intrigued by Showcase

The incredible expansion of the NFT market means that every creator on the internet is looking for a way to capitalize on it. Showcase is all about making it easy for these creators to mint NFTs.

Showcase will host a community of verified creators. Once verified, you gain access to the creator tool. This allows creators to easily mint NFTs (or “badges”) to then sell to their fans. Every badge is custom and unique. Creators can use their own design or use the in house Showcase design team. The Showcase app will also allow the app to be bought and traded.

What makes us extra proud of our connection with Showcase is their commitment to fundraising to worthy causes. Showcase has partnered with The Giving Block to enable unique donation campaigns for all NFTs minted on Showcase. Creators can choose from over 100 non-profit organizations and a percentage (chosen by them) of their NFT sale will go to that charity.

The majority of people getting involved in NFTs now are new to blockchain. Whether it be Jack Dorsey or Jake Paul, influencers and internet personalities are all frantic to get involved.

Showcase makes it easy to engage in the NFT market without any understanding of the underlying technology. Showcase grants access to NFTs to exactly the demographic who are looking for it. In short, Showcase offers everything an influencer needs to access the NFT market and participate in the new digital economy.

AscendEX (Bitmax) will host a public sale round of Showcase on April 27th.

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