Introducing Blocksync Ventures

Blocksync Ventures is an investment firm focused on early-stage blockchain startups. Formed by a team of experts in traditional finance and emerging technology, we are fiercely passionate about supporting entrepreneurs operating on the industry’s cutting edge.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Web3

We are at a crossroads in internet history. To the one side lies the hub and spoke model that’s served Web 2.0 for years, defined by tech oligarchies, centralized data, minimal privacy, suboptimal security, and rampant censorship.

To the other lies a Web3 model characterized by self-sovereignty, P2P transactions, strong privacy assurances, and certainty of access. Its tools are blockchain networks, crypto tokens, decentralized identities, and open source software.

This is the road that we will be taking, as we believe it is the only logical route to take. Our goal will be to make the road less traveled more accommodating to mainstream users by driving down the barriers to Web3 adoption. We will achieve this by investing in and supporting disruptive startups working on the frontlines of this sector.

By promoting the best and brightest early-stage companies, we aim to be a catalyst for positive technological change. While there is no shortage of venture incubators in this space, we make commitments rather than investments. The relentless advancement of decentralized computing, Web3 networks, and crypto-assets is what makes us tick — which is why we intend to supply ongoing support and mentoring including access to a global network of high-value connections. Helping companies scale is what we do.

Who We Are

A hands-on team that brings bold ideas to life, Blocksync Ventures is committed to forging long-term relationships with startups whose philosophies and ambitions match our own. Cold, impersonal transactions and a myopic focus on profit for profit’s sake isn’t what we are about.

We invest in people and products with transformative potential.

If you are enhancing the blockchain space in some way, particularly at the intersection of decentralized finance and Polkadot-powered interoperability, we want to hear about it.

The formation of Blocksync Ventures is a proud moment for our team of serial entrepreneurs, problem solvers, and venture partners. Working with startups to optimize business models, build audiences and secure partnerships is in our DNA, and together we have coordinated investments worth tens of millions of dollars.

Where We’re Headed

Crypto is fragmented and fast-paced, and while we are somewhere above the ground floor, there’s plenty of room overhead for growth: the oft-cited comparison is that the blockchain industry is currently at the same stage the internet was in the late 1990s. The innovation we can expect in the years ahead is truly exciting, and we intend to work hand in glove with the most dynamic projects to emerge.

What those projects will be, we cannot yet say — though blockchain is being put to fantastic use in industries such as finance, identity management, healthcare, governance, the supply chain and more. We are convinced that a future with crypto-powered networks at its heart is one worth striving for.

Technological innovation is an unstoppable march, but without timely investment, game-changing projects risk withering on the vine. We don’t intend to let that happen. By throwing our weight behind new systems and applications, and pairing like-minded investors with blockchain innovators, we’ll support the ecosystem in every way we can.

We invite innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors who share our vision to join us on this journey. Together we can build a better web, and with it a better world.

The vanguard of decentralized innovation.

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